Sporting Event Photography...

All plans will include FREE high quality downloads of ALL action shots taken at the event. You will be billed after photos have been posted. Expect up to 25 edited photos, per athlete, per game, (unless noted otherwise).  Contact me today with any questions and for a detailed price list!


Packages will consist of:


~1 athlete one game, 1 athlete two games, 1 athlete three games. OR 


Share the cost with another parent!  With the packages listed below athletes MUST be at the same venue, same time, same day, same event:


~ 2 athletes one game,  3 athletes  two games.


~ Entire game photographed for the entire team, one evening, one game only.   



  NOTE: ALL packages come with FREE DOWNLOADS of photos!


Prefect for saving those memories of your son or daughters sporting event in grade school, middle school, highschool or college. 



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